Livestock and marine farming – Rwanda

Geographical profile

The Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) is an autonomous body with the mission of championing the agriculture sector development into a knowledge based; technology driven and market-oriented industry, using modern methods in crop, animal, fisheries, forestry and soil and water management in food, fibre and fuel wood production and processing. The Government of Rwanda expects this reform to remove the historical legacy that created artificial gaps between research and extension, strengthen the linkage with policy, and establish efficiency in service delivery through institutional integration in the agricultural sector for improved livelihoods of the Rwandan people.


The highly diverse amount of research activities carried out in RAB needs to be complemented with relevant technologies on AI algorithms, advanced data science and machine learning models.

Expected benefits

The participation of RAB within NESTLER, will lead to joint effort to promote contribution to One Health initiative. RAB will actively participate in the research conducted by MANA and ICIPE in the development of alternate forms of food sources for the cultivation of livestock and fisheries. Additionally, the crop- based research activities promoted by SYN, RINI, CEO and EBOS will be further extended to improve the quality and quantity of agriculture produce.