The project coordinator visited the NESTLER pilots in Kenya. In total, the project’s outcomes will be demonstrated on pilot scenarios across six African member states (Cameroon, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria). In Kenya, the Edible insect farming pilot is being conducted in Nairobi and led by ICIPE. To emphasize the importance of pilots, the project coordinator (Synelixis), represented by Dr. Th. Zahariadis and Dr. G. Athanasiou and UCL represented by Prof. I. Darwazeh visited the ICIPE pilots to monitor the progress.

NESTLER team (SYN, UCL, ICIPE) visits a black soldier fly entrepreneur in Thika town, Nairobi, Kenya
NESTLER team (SYN, UCL, ICIPE) visits a commercial BSF feeding poultry facility in Thika town, Nairobi, Kenya
Use of IoT sensors to monitor successive nutrient (NKP) build-up in frass fertilizer production during black soldier fly bioconversion of biowaste
Display of ICIPE’s insect-based technology to NESTLER team from SYN (Greece) and UCL (UK)